COVID 19 pandemic brought Much blessings to the industry as well a number of negative effect to the sector.

You must have noticed that people realized the importance and benefits of being physically active, More Kenyans started getting involved in regular exercises and doing physical activities.

The above led to growing interest in GYM & FITNESS CLUB business, a number of gyms have since come up, a very positive thing for our sector.


A very important point that most of the investors never thought of is the financial post COVID 19 to most of the people.

The financial strength got affected, people have very limited time to balance between hustling for money and attending gym.

‘BLIND REVENUE’ what you had expected the GYM or FITNESS CLUB you just pumped some good cash or intend to will in most cases NOT be the same.

If you are yet to establish the business relook into your INVESTMENT verses EXPECTED REVENUE. For already operational gyms and fitness clubs…. Slight adjustment might be your way out..

… Blessed day