GYMS & CLUBS Listing approval are subject to meeting agreed set standards. The basic requirements are Qualified & Certified Exercise Professionals including other staff, Hygiene of the institution, General Safety of the exercisers and other facility users. Payment of Annual renewable FEE of 50$ which offers access for one of the institution staff to be CPR/FIRST AID Trained.

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The establishment of the body has been motivated by the dynamics of the health,  fitness and physical activity  sector and the fact that new information is constantly coming to light regarding how the body functions and how what is already known can be applied in new and innovative ways to improve fitness, boost performance, aid our health and reshape our physiques. It is therefore critical that fitness professionals are kept up to date with the latest trends and industry best practices to deliver best results for clients. And one of best ways to do this, which is increasingly becoming a regulatory requirement in countries around the world, is through the attainment of continued education information.