African Register of Exercise Professionals (AREPS) is an independent register of trainers, instructors and teachers working in African health, fitness and physical industry. Founded in 2020 and officially registered in 2021, AREPS has been established to professionalise the fitness and physical activity sector through provision of a system of regulation for instructors and trainers to ensure that they meet the global health and fitness industry’s agreed standards. 

2023 Annual AREPS TOUR, Nakuru

AREPS serves to protect individuals who take part in exercise and physical activity and provides assurance and confidence to the public and employers that all professionals on the register are appropriately qualified and have the knowledge, competence and skills to perform their role effectively. AREPS will increase the trust, confidence and credibility of the fitness and physical activity industry and will ensure fitness services are offered in a high quality, healthy, safe and ethical environment.

Ticket Reservation For Our Upcoming Fitness Awareness Events

Annual Mombasa #arepsfitnesstour an event that is meant to create awareness on the benefits of regular exercises and being physically active.

  1. Fitness Test for participants.
  2. Nutrition & Supplements guidance.
  3. Financial management guidance.
  4. Networking for persons in the health, fitness and physical activity sector.

The event also create a marketing and branding platform for fitness and exercise professionals. Click on the photo to reserve your ticket.

2022 Annual AREPS TOUR, Nairobi.

Latest Awareness Event Photos

The future of Africa Fitness and Physical Activity Sector, African Register of Exercise Professionals

Courses & Workshops

We are committed in supporting the career development of our member professionals. We provide access to affordable and quality fitness education.

Upcoming Workshop

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Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic condition that causes pain in the musculoskeletal system. This pain is confined to a particular area. This workshop is to provide knowledge of the causes.

Train the participants on the management of the condition. The workshop will be conducted by Natalie Kolesnikova a Russian based European Register of Exercise Professional Ambassador.

Its FREE and OPEN to both Exercise Professionals and Enthusiasts. Click on the photo to register for the workshop.

AREPS in partnership with FAE offers the following EQF level partial sponsored courses: 

  1. Fitness Assistant EQF Level 2
  2. Fitness/Gym Instructor EQF level 3.
  3. Group Fitness Trainer EQF Level 3.
  4. Certified Personal Trainer EQF Level 4.
  5.  Advance Nutrition Coach CPD/LLP.

To register for any of the mention courses click on the photo.

Latest Basic Life Saving Training

Held on 16th September 2023 in Nairobi, Next one will be in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania on 9th December 2023.

2022 AREPS FESTIVAL, Nairobi.

Latest Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training for AREPS professionals

Fitness Instructors Association of Tanzania – FIAT

United Republic of Tanzania became the latest members to join the African Register of Exercise Professionals DIRECTORY.


The establishment of the body has been motivated by the dynamics of the health,  fitness and physical activity  sector and the fact that new information is constantly coming to light regarding how the body functions and how what is already known can be applied in new and innovative ways to improve fitness, boost performance, aid our health and reshape our physiques. It is therefore critical that fitness professionals are kept up to date with the latest trends and industry best practices to deliver best results for clients. And one of best ways to do this, which is increasingly becoming a regulatory requirement in countries around the world, is through the attainment of continued education information.

Our Purpose

  • Work collaboratively to promote standards and professionalism in the fitness industry
  • Contribute towards the prevention of obesity and other diseases
  • Increase recognition of the sector
  • Grow the industry (business performance, member retention, training sector)
  • Promote physical activity and fitness from an early age
  • Become a leader in global fitness industry
  • Ensure the qualifications and competence of the fitness instructors in the industry support safe and effective practice of exercise and promote health and well-being.

Awareness Programs Partners

Members Capacity Building Partners

Our Mission

AREPS is devoted to partnering with other stakeholders to support the highest quality of learning and knowledge acquiring for fitness trainers to ensure that they met the global professional standards of in the field of health, fitness and physical activity career.

Our Vision

To be a strategic partner in enhancing the professional abilities and competencies of fitness and exercise professionals in the fitness and physical activity industry to achieve the highest quality of civility and balanced healthy community.