AREPS Membership Registration
Any Fitness professional wishing to be a member of AREPS must register for membership.
A Member will be required to pay an annual Membership fee of Kenya Shillings 2,800/- or
in the alternative $20. All membership runs for a full calendar year.
A member will be added to the AREPS public register and issued with a membership certificate on
successful registration.
A member whose membership has expired and continues to offer services without renewal of
membership commits professional misconduct and is liable to disciplinary action, including but
not limited to Suspension and De-Registration.
AREPS reserves the right to review or vary the Membership Fee. Members will be promptly
notified in case of such changes.
Registration Requirements
Prospective applicants need to either:-

  1. Have Fitness Certification from a recognized Education Institution; or
  2. Have garnered a minimum of 6 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points
    within four months preceding the application.
    Members Benefits
    Registration by AREPS indicates to customers and employers that you are a qualified and
    competent fitness professional.
    Benefits of Membership include: –
  3. Visibility- You will be listed on the trainers’ public directory, giving you exposure to
    employers and potential clients seeking your service. You can use the directory listing to
    do personal promotion initiatives by stating that you are AREPS certified.
  4. A member can use the AREPS logo on their marketing materials.
  5. Networking- As a member of AREPS, you get to connect with the community of Fitness
    Trainers in Africa and globally. The lessons and possible partnerships that come with
    such networking will build your career to the next level.
  6. Discounted Services- By being a member of AREPS©, you get discounts while accessing
    some services and products.
  7. Subsidised Education- AREPS works with various global partners and educational
    institutions which may offer subsidized educational packages for career progression to
    members from time to time. Only registered members will be eligible to apply for
  8. Personal development- AREPS provides a range of courses and workshops, giving
    members globally competitive training courses. AREPS has access to highly skilled
    Fitness professionals worldwide through its network and partnerships with other REPS,
    ensuring that members receive cutting-edge training.
  9. Legal Advice and Representation- AREPS connects members to highly qualified lawyers
    in the field and may cover some costs for offering services. Members can get legal advice
    when engaging employers and reviewing contractual agreements to ensure that they are
    well covered and compensated.
  10. Working around the globe- AREPS members get into the globally recognized fitness
    trainers pool and can offer their services worldwide. Certified members of AREPS can
    get seconding certification to offer services by corresponding REPS affiliated
  11. Travel- members get opportunities to travel and work around the globe, thereby finding
    fulfillment in their careers.